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Filing a Claim for a Service-Connected Disability

To help in the application process for service-connected compensation benefits, please try to bring the following items and information with you to your appointment:

  • DD 214 (service discharge) or Equivalent (All DD 214’s if you have more than one).
  • Military Medical Records if you have them in your possession.
  • Private medical records regarding any treatment for disabilities you want to file a claim for.
  • Name, address, and phone number of private physician/clinic/hospital and treatment dates for treatment for disabilities you want to file a claim for (since discharge from service, especially if you don’t have medical records to submit).
  • Dependent information—need complete name, date & place of birth, and social security number for all dependents.
  • Information regarding marriage, divorce, death (dates & places) for yourself & current spouse.
  • If the VA compensation is approved, the VA prefers to make direct deposit into your bank account, so we need the bank name, routing and account number, and the type of account (checking, savings, etc.).