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Property Tax Info (ALRS)

All property assessment and tax information may be found on our "Ascent Land Records System (ALRS)" site. If you need assistance please contact us @ (608) 355-3275.  It is highly recommended that this portal be accessed using Internet Explorer Version 9 or Internet Explorer Version 10 or Google Chrome Version 30 web browser. Certain features and functions may not perform correctly in previous or later versions of Internet Explorer or other web browsers, and, although these browsers may be used, their behavior or support will not be guaranteed.

We highly suggest accessing the "Help ?" button in the upper right hand corner on the home page of the Ascent web page. This help button has a lot of great information to help you navigate the site, definitions of commonly used terminology, etc.

You will notice in this help area that some features are not available to all counties. Some of these were specially added in other counties that utilize this tax/assessment program.

The features that ARE NOT AVAILABLE for Sauk County users are:

Viewing sales history

Viewing permit information.