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Jail/Huber Division

Sauk County Wisconsin Official Website

The Sauk County Sheriff's Department marked the opening of it's new Law Enforcement Center on May 12, 2003 at 1300 Lange Court in Baraboo, Wisconsin. The 145,000 square foot Law Enforcement Center combines the Department's administrative offices with a 458-bed Jail and Huber Center.

The jail portion of the project was substantially constructed by stacking precast concrete cells together into six 24-cell housing "pods." Additionally, two 48-bed inmate dormitory style units were added to the Security Division's existing 96-bed Huber Center. Except for those cells in "maximum security" and several handicapped accessible units, each cell is equipped to accommodate two inmates. Two of the six "pods" remain empty awaiting the anticipated inmate population growth.

A jail lieutenant, six first-line supervisors, 56 division deputies, and 9 clerks operate the security facility. Medical care is contracted to Correctional HealthCare Companies, (CHC) an inmate healthcare company.  An electronic bracelet deputy monitors 15 inmates off-site. A state-of-the-art electronic security system combined with a closed-circuit television provides constant monitoring and control capabilities for all the movements of inmates, visitors, and staff inside and out of the building.