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Hazardous waste has properties that make it dangerous or potentially harmful to human health or the environment. The universe of hazardous wastes is large and diverse. Hazardous wastes can be liquids, solids, contained gases, or sludges. They can be the by-products of manufacturing processes or simply discarded commercial products, like cleaning fluids or pesticides.

Cell Phones Sauk County Aging & Disability Resource Center
505 Broadway, Rm. 102
Baraboo, WI 53913
(608) 355-3289

Sauk County Sheriff's Department
1300 Lange Ct.
Baraboo, WI 53913
Appliances, Computers

Veolia 356-3911
Waste Management 608-273-2500
Peterson's Sanitation 524-6603
David Caflisch
Mike's Disposal LLC 643-8760

Resource Solutions Corp., located in Madison is a very good source for recycling computers, monitors, printers, scrap metal, ect. Most items are taken free of charge. They also take scrap metal and have dumpster rental service. Their website provides more information.

Northwoods Computers
N6510 US Hwy 51 South
PO Box 357
Portage, WI 53901
608-742-7114 ext. 241 OR 1-800-471-4438 ext. 241
FAX: 608-742-0636

Pharmaceuticals MedDrop - a free service available to all Wisconsin residents. For next scheduled drop, please visit
Tech Trade-In Exchange select gently used electronics for a Best Buy gift card. Go to
TV & Appliance haul-away

Best Buy will remove an old TV or appliance from your home for free when a replacement Best Buy product is delivered by Geek Squad Home Theater or Best Buy Home Delivery.

For a fee, Best Buy will remove up to two TV units or two appliances from your home for recycling.

What they take:

-Nearly everything electronic, including TVs, computers, DVD players, monitors, or cell phones.

They charge $10 for TVs under 32", CRTs, monitors and laptops. But will give a $10 gift card in exchange.

Desktop or laptops with the hard drive removed.

What they won't take:

- Internal & external hard drives

- Console TVs or TVs and monitors larger than 32".

- Electronics containing Freon, like mini refrigerators or air conditioners.


Recycling kiosks Every US Best Buy store has free kiosks, just inside the door for inkjet cartridges, batteries, cell phones, CDs/DVDs, PDAs, smartphones and Best Buy gift cards.
Fire Extinguishers

Baraboo Area

Fire & Safety II
1202 9 th St.
Baraboo, WI


Reedsburg Area

Reedsburg Fire Station
131 S. Park St.

Furniture Although furniture is not banned from Wisconsin landfills, it is a bulky item that in many cases can easily be reused. You can donate items to your local reuse store (Bethesda Thrift Shop, St. Vincent DePaul, Goodwill, etc.) try to sell them at a garage sale or an online market such as or give them away to friends or through
Latex Paint Disposal

Because latex paint is relatively non-toxic, it can be placed in the garbage if it is properly and completely solidified as long as you do the following:

First, check to make sure it is latex paint - look on the label for "latex" or directions to clean up or thin with water. Oil-based or combustible paints and stains left over from home projects, whether liquid or solid, should be taken to the Dane County Clean Sweep Facility at 2302 Fish Hatchery Rd. for proper disposal.

- Remove the lid and let the paint dry out in the can; protect from freezing and rain as well as curious children and animals. This only works when an inch or less of paint is left in the can and is most effective in warmer months.

- Mix latex paint with an equal amount of cat litter, stir in completely and allow to dry.

- Mix latex paint with a latex paint hardener; stir and allow to harden. Paint hardener can be purchased at your local hardware store. Follow the directions on the package.

1-800-RECYCLING Still can't determine what to do with your old electronics or other recyclables? Call 1-800-RECYCLING (1-800-732-9254) or visit for other resources.