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LEPC - Local Emergency Planning Committee


As a result of a chemical accident in India in the 1980s, the Superfund Amendment Reauthorization Act (SARA) or, Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA), was passed establishing Local Emergency Planning Committees. The Sauk County LEPC is made up of representatives from: state and local elected officials, emergency management, law enforcement, fire fighting, first aid/EMS, health/hospital, transportation, environment, media, community groups and owners/operators subject to requirements of EPCRA.

Chemicals are part of our lives, necessary to manufacture the things that we enjoy. However, they can also be dangerous and life threatening if they are not used properly. Your Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), operated through the County Emergency Management Office, is charged with the task of maintaining files on any industry who has certain identified chemicals on hand in reportable amounts and developing off-site facility plans to assist local responders (fire, law enforcement, Emergency Medical Services) in answering calls to these facilities, as well as transportation events. Another task of the LEPC is community awareness.

The Sauk County LEPC meets on the second Thursday in February, May, August and November. Meetings are held in the EMBS meeting room, first floor Courthouse Annex, Room 128, 510 Broadway, Baraboo. These are open to the public. We welcome your questions.