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Rails and Trails

Sauk County Wisconsin Official Website

Stakeholder groups meet to discuss rail transportation and recreational trails.

On June 30, 2010 representatives from around Sauk County met to discuss the future of rail transportation and recreational trails in Sauk County. Hosted by the Sauk County Economic Development Committee, the sessions were a forum to discuss individual stakeholder views and reach a consensus on a vision for the future looks like.

Rails and trails are a topic that has long been mired in controversy. The Economic Development Committee is optimistic however, that through collaboration and compromise, solutions for the future of both rails and trails can be ensured.

The first meeting saw the adoption of ground rules for the process and an identification of issues to be discussed. "The first success has already occurred," commented Chair Marty Krueger. "Having stakeholders from business and industry, government, and special interests for the first time all at the same table - willing to discuss the topic - is the first of many steps in moving this conversation forward to a mutually agreeable solution."

Future meetings, minutes from the meetings, maps and research are available at this link.