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Good Idea! Mini Grant

Sauk County Wisconsin Official Website

The Sauk County UW Extension, Arts & Culture Committee is pleased to announce the "Good Idea" Grant. The "Good Idea!" grant program is designed to support and leverage the creativity of Sauk County artists, craftspeople, musicians, writers, historians and non-profit arts, humanities or historical preservation organizations in endeavors that will contribute to Sauk County's creative economy. Grants will be awarded in amounts up to $500.00. Applications are accepted each month in a calendar year until all funds for this program are awarded.  Applications are due to the UW-Extension Office by the 25th of the month prior to the committee meeting.  The Sauk County UW-Extension, Arts and Culture Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month and will review the merits of each application and decide which projects will be funded. Please review the "Good Idea" Grant checklist (available online) for additional information on the criteria the Committee will use to evaluate each grant.

Examples of "Good Ideas" Grants could include:

  • To develop a teaching plan to encourage students to become more interested in the arts and to develop and nurture hidden talents.
  • To develop a program that a working artist can present in public forums, including schools, to further interest in the arts and creativity.
  • To research the feasibility of a project that may be used to educate residents about the value of the creative economy.
  • To support technical improvements to build an artist's visibility and effectiveness.
  • To support artists by purchasing tools and materials.

Grants may not be used for marketing publications, the purchase of equipment, capital projects or website development.

The application can be found below; fill in the blanks, save the document to your computer and then either mail it in to the Sauk County UW Extension Office or scan it and send it to  The Good Idea Grant Budget Submission Form is to be treated the same way and submitted with the application and narrative form.

Recipients of "Good Idea" Grants may not apply for additional grants in a single year, and a final report is required.

Mail to:

UW Extension, Arts & Culture Committee
West Square Building
505 Broadway
Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913

For more information call (608) 355-3250.

Grant Checklist

The following checklist will be utilized by the review panel to judge the merit and possible award of mini-grants.

  1. Does the application have integrity and merit? Does it adequately detail how the money will be spent?
  2. Is the application supported in writing by another individual or organization?
  3. Will the project advance the artistic or cultural growth of the applicant?
  4. Will the project have a public component that will benefit the community, and if so, what is it?
  5. Will the project be the basis for further work by the applicant that will ultimately contribute to the enhancement of the cultural landscape?
  6. If the project is a planning grant, does the application state clearly how the plan will develop into a larger project?