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Fred Kohlmeyer Klondike House

Sauk County Wisconsin Official Website

Fred W Kohlmeyer, who was born in Germany in 1869 and came to this country when he was four years old, lived on the west side of Loganville. He worked as a laborer around Loganville, but was always mechanically inclined.

By the early 1900's, Mr. Kohlmeyer employed as many as 15 men and they needed a place to board. So in 1903, he built a large 14 bedroom Queen Anne-style house on the north side of Walnut Street heading west out of town. The home has architecture which is rare in other homes in the Village. At present, major repairs and renovations are being done to preserve it.

Around 1911, Kohlmeyer built his first pickup truck and in 1915 he built his first Klondike Truck in a concrete block paint shop that he used for his auto business. During the 1920's, Loganville was a vehicle manufacturing center for miles around. They built a total of 27 vehicles, including a fire truck and a "travel bus", a precursor to the modern day RV.


215 Walnut Street
Loganville , WI 53943