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Arts, Humanities & Historic Preservation (AHHP) Grants

Sauk County Wisconsin Official Website

Arts, Humanities and Historic Preservation (AHHP) grant funds are available for community organizations and local governments seeking supplementary funds for local arts, history and humanities projects. Eligible projects in the arts include public exhibitions, performances, publications, lectures and video, film or slide documentaries. These activities may encompass dance, theater, music, architecture, folk arts, literary arts, and visual arts. Humanities and local history projects involve branches of learning that deal with human thought and culture, excluding the sciences. They include but are not limited to history, languages, literature, poetry, and philosophy. Specifically, history projects are similar in scope with specific activities directed at research, documentation, and preservation of the unique cultural history of Sauk County. The AHHP grant is not for "Brick & Mortar" projects. Also, the AHHP grant supported activities must culminate in tangible services presented to the community within 12 months of when the grant was awarded. Public access to the project, program, or service is a requirement of the grant.

Awards may not exceed $5,000. Applications are due no later than 4:30 p.m. on the 1st of August, 2016, to the Sauk County UW Extension office. Please note the change in the application deadline.  The application form details the guidelines for eligibility as well as the criteria used for evaluation. All applications must be prepared using our grant application form (see link below), printed out and hard copies must be postmarked or hand-delivered to the Sauk County UW Cooperative Extension Office by the date and time listed above.  No late submissions will be accepted!

The tentative date for the panels to convene to make recommendations on the grant application submissions is Wednesday, August 10thAfter the panels make their recommendations, the applications move on to the Sauk County UW Extension Arts & Culture Committee for final approval.  Notifications will be sent to all applicants on the status of their submission by the end of August.

Mail to:

UW Extension, Arts, & Culture Committee
West Square Building 
505 Broadway 
Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913

There is a Personnel Form for detailing information regarding major participants who will be participating in your project. This form must be completed and signed by the key personnel involved in the project.