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Frequently Asked Questions for the Jail/Huber Center

Q: I can't accept collect calls.  How can I set up a prepaid account?

You can setup a prepaid account by either going to or calling 1-888-949-3303.

Q: Can I put money on someone's account or pay their bond without coming to the Sheriff's Office?

You can go to to accomplish this.

Q: Can I leave a message for a prisoner?

A: We do not accept telephone messages for any of the prisoners. If you have an emergency message, (death in the family, major illness) which can be verified, we will make every attempt to pass the message on.  If you need to contact an inmate, you may do so via the postal system.  You may address your correspondence to:

Sauk County Jail or Sauk County Sheriff's Office
Attention: (Inmate's name)
1300 Lange Court
Baraboo, WI 53913


Q: Can I drop books off for inmates?

The Sauk County Sheriff’s Department is accepting donations for gently used and/or new books for Inmate use.


** The books MUST be soft covered and not contain any sexual graphic material.

** No spiral bindings allowed.

** No gang related books will be accepted.

** Books must be non- gender specific, NO ROMANCE novels please.

All donated items will be inspected and distributed throughout the entire facility. Donated books will NOT be given to specific Inmates.

All donations may be dropped off at the Sauk County Sheriff's Department lobby Monday -Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Q:  What may I mail in to an inmate at the Sauk County Jail or Huber Center?

You may only mail letters directly from yourself to inmates.  Pictures are allowed, as long as they are not polaroids and they may not contain any sort of nudity, actual or simulated sexual acts.  Photos depicting any sort of gang signs/symbols or real or simulated illegal activity will also be witheld from inmates.

No stickers, perfumed letters, stamped envelopes, or paper may be sent in.  No photocopies of books. 


Books, Magazines, Newspapers

 Books (paperback only) must be purchased from and mailed directly to the County Jail or Huber Center from the book publisher or from an Internet clearinghouse such as

Magazines/periodicals and newspapers must be purchased from and mailed directly to the jail or Huber Center from the publisher on a subscription basis.

Books, magazines/periodicals and newspapers not mailed to Sauk County jail facilities from a publisher or Internet clearinghouse will not be issued to inmates for use while they are in custody. Books, magazines/periodicals or newspapers which display or portray nudity or actual or simulated sexual acts will not be issued for inmate use during their confinement.  Books, magazines, or periodicals that are deemed to be a security risk (a book detailing how to make weapons from everyday items or get out of handcuffs) will not be issued to inmates during their confinement.